Xappee is designed to improve the world of international trading by delivering a fruitful and enjoyable experience – with the aim of making our clients’ happy. With 25 years of combined experience in various markets and industries, Xappee was founded by two businessmen from opposite sides of the globe. Together, they discovered that although they had a very different set of skills, a combination of both was highly efficient and well balanced; leading to a collaboration which was created in order to serve the international trading community. The problem they found was a lack of trust in today’s world, particularly when considering a trading relationship with companies’ thousands of miles away. Xappee aims to control a business transaction between such companies in order to create long lasting relationships with businesses all over the world. The idea behind the formation of Xappee was to ‘build trust’ and we have developed an innovative method which ensures safe and secure transactions.

“The ideal way to trust someone is to travel with them, so join us on our journey and we will make sure all we do is happy trading”