“The decision to license a brand to a third-party is not one to be taken lightly!”

At Xappee we pride ourselves on providing a sympathetic licensing facility that will extend your brand into an ever expanding international market place. We are currently well placed globally for brand exposure into Europe, Bangladesh and China. Our licensing services facilitate brand extensions that can ensure that shoppers have ways of consuming brands even when they are not buying into that brands core category.

Moreover, we are keen to carry across our ethos of “Happy Trading” into our brand licensing activities. Thus, working in close collaboration with licensors and brand owners is imperative to our newly formed ‘Xappee Brand Licensing Team’. Care will be taken to recognize and appreciate a brands identity and the vision of its stakeholder’s.

Sourcing and distributing innovative branded products is decisive to success but should not be at the detriment of protecting the Intellectual Property (IP) and copyrights of the brand. Rest assured, our brands protection is a crucial priority for Xappee.

Finally, our licensing team works closely with our manufacturing and distribution crew. Prototyping and samples are brought to you professionally and fast, especially apparel garments to be manufactured in Bangladesh and novelty electronic items from China. Only strongly vetted manufactures will be used in the production process and established distribution channels engaged. We are confident that a new branded product can rise to market very quickly and efficiently realising revenues straightaway.

Whether you are a new prospective licensor, brand owner or a large corporate with multiple brands, we at Xappee are keen to hear your branding ideas and perhaps we can sprinkle “Happy Trading” and get your brands earning their worth.