Xappee is a new provider for online marketing services for importers and exporters. We wish to base our business model on the accomplishment of our clients’ needs. In Xappee, we hold honesty and trust in high regard. Our objective is to be a company that remains open and clear with all its instructions. Quality and trust are a top priority among buyers and suppliers. These aspects assist suppliers to establish trade opportunities and to promote their businesses online. In Xappee, it shall be our obligation to uphold trust and quality in our service in order to enlarge our global network and also provide high value added services that shall aid our clients in intensifying their business operations.

What’s more, Team Xappee have been trained on how to provide quality services that shall make our clients and ourselves become real partners. However, our plan is to deal with our customers directly, and in turn do the mediation on behalf of them. We are certain that such a trend shall prevent our customers from dealing with fraudulent sellers or middlemen. Regardless of the nature of the task or the duration that the process shall take, we at Xappee shall thoroughly examine our clients’ operations to enable them to achieve their goals. Furthermore, we also understand the need to diversify our services. That is why we plan on introducing over a hundred categories containing thousands of products from which our clients can choose from. We will not stop there. We will continuously add new, top-of-the-range products on a daily basis.

Fortunately for Xappee, its founders are quite conversant with this nature of business. Their experience level is unrivalled by other similar players in this field. One of the founders is a British nationalist while the co-founder is a Chinese nationalist. The founders understand the dilemma that customers go through as they source for products from overseas. As a result, Xappee has already established offices and a distribution centre in China and Bangladesh, where we have put in place qualified personnel, whose work shall be to conduct quality checks on the ground. Therefore, establishment of Xappee will be a relief especially for clients’ who have had enormous mistrust in international trading. We shall ensure that our knowledge and experience shall benefit each client that shall seek our services. Xappee plans on dealing with the whole process from sourcing, and inspecting the quality (to ensure that manufacturers use ethical means during production), to logistical requirements like shipping and so on.

We have also put plans in place where we shall have different membership levels. Above all, we intend to set up a loyalty point system whereby all our clients shall be earning points upon doing business with us. From then on, our customers will be able to use their loyalty points during customer promotions. Unlike other firms, where clients are treated unequally depending on the size of the business, every customer requesting our services will be treated with utmost importance. We will do our best to ensure that we deliver the best practices to each client. Most of all, we shall take into account the diverse cultural aspects and business customs of each client. We understand that we are operating on a progressively competitive environment and that is why we promise to produce extra value that shall bring exact satisfaction.